• 1   Why medical tourism ?
    A patient needs TIMELY and AFFORDABLE treatment when they fall ill or need surgery. If you are made to wait for 18 months for a hip replacement, you will develop other problems (e.g. backache, other joint problems, medical problems). Delayed care is not an option, but millions face this wait.

    Secondly, those who are uninsured or have policy exclusions face financial ruin if the access US healthcare facilities.

    We offer you both TIMELY and COST EFFECTIVE medical or surgical treatment in Malaysia.
  • 2   Why Malaysia ?
    Many patients are going overseas for treatment today, mainly to India, Thailand, and Singapore. Malaysia lies in the centre of this trio of countries, offers the same QUALITY of treatment and ADVANCED hospital facilities, yet is relatively unknown to many patients.
    Take advantage of Malaysia today – It offers the same quality but costs much less than Thailand or Singapore.
  • 3   Why do we work with only a few hospitals ?
    Surgery Beyond Borders works with very few hospitals and doctors in Malaysia, allowing us to constantly be aware of any changes and also to give feedback when necessary. We know the doctors and administrators personally.

    This approach is different from all other medical tourism companies, who offer you numerous hospitals to choose from. That approach may appear impressive, but it means that there is little contact between the hospitals and the medical tourism company, beyond signing the hospital up for its services.
  • 4   Is it safe to travel to Malaysia for surgery ? What about a visa ?
    Malaysia is an amazingly beautiful and safe country to visit and tour. That is good news for the family members of a patient who comes as a medical tourist. Our hospitals offer services for the family or friends who accompany patients. Just ask us about these services.

    Useful link : http://tourismmalaysiausa.com/
    Visa: USA and Canadian passport holders do not need a visa for a stay of less than three months.
  • 5   What are the key factors to consider when choosing a surgeon and hospital ?
    The hospital must have the latest equipment and facilites, comparable to the best hospitals in North America, Europe and Asia. This is our paramount consideration when we sign up a hospital to serve you.

    The doctors who work in these hospitals are trained int eh United Kingdom, or the USA. The credntials and experience of your doctor will be available to you for your perusal.
  • 6   What are the options should there be a complication ?
    Complications are rare, especially for most elective surgeries. The price quoted by the hospital will be for an uncomplicated stay and surgery in Malaysia.

    For an optional small fee, insurance may be available to cover the costs of unexpected complications. Please enquire about this optional extra. Even so, the cost of any unexpected treatment will still be much cheaper than treating similar complications in the USA.
  • 7   Will North American doctors see you once you return home ?
    There is a common misconception that US and Canadian doctors will refuse to see you if have been operated overseas. In our experience, no doctor will refuse to see you once you return to USA or Canada. In any case, doctors have a sacred duty to see their patients and will not penalize patients who exercise their right to have surgery in any place they desire. In the unlikely event that this happens to you, we may have a network of doctors who would see you.

    Your doctor in Malaysia will provide all the records for your safe keeping and use when you return home. They will also be available to speak to your doctor, should it be necessary.
  • 8   Will your insurance cover you if you travel overseas ?
    Some USA insurance companies have visited Malaysia, and our partner hospitals, to see if they can work together with us. This means that in the near future, we will receive insurance patients as medical tourists.

    If you have cost exclusions in your policy, but are able to claim lower expenses, you will have to speak to your insurance company about reimbursement before you leave. Should it be necessary, a representative from the hospital can be available to speak to your insurance company.

    In Canada, provinces like Ontario have provisions to pay for overseas care, if the wait time for surgery may bring further “harm” to the patient. It is advisable to apply for such funding BEFORE you leave Ontario, if you want OHIP to reimburse your expenses.
  • 9   Are my records confidential ?
    YES. Confidentiality is paramount with us, and our hospitals will never release any information without your express authorization.
  • 10   What is the procedure once I decide to seek an opinion on treatment ?
    You will be required to submit your medical history and details of investigations doen (if any). This can be done by email since most x-rays today are in digital format. All information submitted is confidential and will not be divulged to anyone apart from the screening doctor and the specialist who will be treating you.

    There is a fee for this initial process, and this fee will be absorbed into the quote, if you decide to proceed with treatment. Should you decide not to proceed with treatment, this fee will not be refunded. It will be utilized to pay for administrative fees and the consultation time of the screening doctor and the specialist.
  • 11   Any other questions ?
    Please contact us if you need further clarification. Our representatives are here to help and will address your concerns expeditiously.
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