Welcome to Surgery Beyond Borders
Medical tourism has progressed rapidly over the last few years. Many patients have found that flying to Asia for dental or orthodontic work, medical examinations or surgical procedures has been an experience that they have not forgotten.

The level of care is high, beginning from the facilities available in Malaysia, and the experience of the specialists, who are all trained in the west and hold western postgraduate degrees. These doctors will share their profile and experience, so that patients can rest assured of the highest care.

Off shore surgery can be combined with tourism in the country. Malaysia offers an idyllic setting for medical tourism, because of its verdant beaches and many attractions. Family members who accompany the surgical or medical tourist can avail of plentiful and varied cuisine (western and Malaysian), budget and designer shopping and sight seeing. All at a lower cost than Thailand or Singapore.

Surgery Beyond Borders commits to recommending talented doctors practicing in exemplary hospitals. If you are faced with expensive medical bills or long wait times, come with us on a journey to cost effective, high quality medical and surgical care.

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